Into the woods

We are so grateful to have found this beautiful expanse of earth to explore. The tall grass and wildflower prairie is surrounded by little forests. Each morning we set off on adventures into the woods, and the discoveries begin immediately. Every sight, sound, smell, and sensation becomes a new experience. As we take part in… Continue reading Into the woods


Natural Learning and the Whole Body Difference

What is the real difference between a natural learning environment and a conventional preschool? Humans can learn in all kinds of different settings and through all sorts of curriculum, so what does natural learning offer that other ways of learning might not? Natural Learning is a way of seeing and approaching human development in a holistic… Continue reading Natural Learning and the Whole Body Difference

How children learn to write, naturally

How do children learn to write the natural learning way?   We see that writing arises naturally from children’s intrinsic human desire to communicate. We make sure that the supplies are always available, and the purpose of writing is highlighted in the moment when children show initiative to communicate information that would be most efficiently… Continue reading How children learn to write, naturally


What Teachers Don’t Do

Teaching from a perspective of natural learning is as much about what teachers DON’T do, as it is about what we DO do. The other day as I watched the children playing, following their own desires and plans, feeling such strong autonomy and agency, I looked on with wonder. “I want to take pictures of… Continue reading What Teachers Don’t Do


Rain Play

Spring has really begun here in Michigan! With the new season comes warmer weather and yes, lots of rain. I feel that children can learn a lot from playing in rain, so I made sure to let students and their families know that unless it was dangerous outside, we would be playing in all weather.… Continue reading Rain Play


“You can have it when I’m done.”

 Any time two or more children are gathered, the concept of sharing is bound to come up. Young children lack impulse control and simply take what they want. Or, if they do have the forethought to ask a friend with a toy, they are often met with a response like: “No! Mine!” Bickering ensues. As adults,… Continue reading “You can have it when I’m done.”


Are you a boy or a girl?

Exploring gender in the preschool classroom.