Conflict is Natural

Conflict is a natural part of life. On this earth there are so many organisms sharing the same space and resources, and each and every one has the same intense drive toward survival.  It is inevitable that each individual’s differing needs will be at odds with another’s at some point. We don't often think of… Continue reading Conflict is Natural


Natural Learning and the Whole Body Difference

What is the real difference between a natural learning environment and a conventional preschool? Humans can learn in all kinds of different settings and through all sorts of curriculum, so what does natural learning offer that other ways of learning might not? Natural Learning is a way of seeing and approaching human development in a holistic… Continue reading Natural Learning and the Whole Body Difference

How children learn to write, naturally

How do children learn to write the natural learning way?   We see that writing arises naturally from children’s intrinsic human desire to communicate. We make sure that the supplies are always available, and the purpose of writing is highlighted in the moment when children show initiative to communicate information that would be most efficiently… Continue reading How children learn to write, naturally